Underpowered Podcast

Episode 77

Welcome Back

We are back!  The fellas talk about their hiatus, Casey finally rates Bravely Default 2, while Shelby is been playing a bit of everything from Halo Infinite to Ghost of Tsushima. Then they talk about the news and fill each other in on whats been...

Episode 70

Return of The Parker

We welcome back newly Emmy-award winning voice actor and creator/EP  of Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart Parker Simmons returns for JRPG July. We talk Yakuza: Like a Dragon, Shin Megami Tensei, The Mana Series, best mini games, true jrpg experience and...

Episode 69

Timey Wimey

This week Shelby regales of his journey in Yakuza: Like A Dragon and tries to get Casey to play the the new mobile game The Witcher: Monster Silver. However, Casey is on the new hotness of Pokemon Unite and starts his second JRPG for the month in...

Episode 68

Follow the Guld Star

oining us this week to celebrate JRPG is indie developer of the The Last Chronomancer, Guld. We talk about the work he has put into this game and his passion for JRPG’s. Casey and Shelby break down Trials of Mana and Yakuza:Like a Dragon. Then...


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