Top 5 Zeldas You Should Play

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We were lucky enough to have fellow podcaster the Nintendo Dads join us on the show to discuss the greatness that is Zelda. Instead of making one list, we decided it would be best to list everybody’s and you can make your own choice!

Wind WakerThe Wind WakerLink to the Past (SNES)Ocarina of TimeBreath of the WildOcarina of TimeBreath of the Wild
Link’s AwakeningBreath of the WildLink between Worlds (3DS)Link Between WorldsWind WakerBotWA Link between Worlds
LTTPTwilight PrincessBreath of the Wild (Switch)Wind WakerLink Between WorldsLinks Awakening switchLinks Awakening (Switch)
Link Between WorldsA Link Between WorldsThe Minish Cap (GBA)Majors MaskOcarina of TimeWind WakerLink to be Past 
Twilight PrincessMajora’s MaskPhantom Hourglass (DS)Twilight PrincessLink to the PastLink to the PastWindWaker

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