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Welcome to Underpowered! You maybe wondering, what is this strange site that I have stumbled across? To put it simply: We are a videogame site dedicated battle our backlog and revealing what is worth your time, money and energy.  

Underpowered is based around the idea that my friend Shelby and I came up with. Both of us are parents, working professionals and life long gamers. However are gaming is a bit hit and miss these days. As much as we want to play every new awesome game that comes out, in reality we can’t. The other part of gaming we can’t deal with any more is when the game is a big, colossal miss or disappointment!

I just want to play my games!!!!

Gaming FOMO is real people! We hear at Underpowered get that and have it ourselves. It is the reason we started this site. Both Shelby and I had hugh backlogs of games that we wanted to play through, and while some were gems others… well… they sucked.

Maybe it’s me…

Maybe you have too many games in your backlog, or want to try all these great games that passed you by when life got busy and you don’t know if they hold up. That’s what we are here for. There are many games out there, but we want to review them for you. Our goal is to let you know what games, old and new, are the ones that you the busy gamer need to try.

We are still in the beginning stages, but stay tuned for more content to come, and please give the podcast a listen! Thank you!

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